11 March 2015

The final event comes closer

After almost 4 years, the INNERS project is coming to an end. A lot of research was done within the international INNERS team, which consists of...
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13 November 2014

“We are lucky people”

We are lucky people, we in North-West Europe, and the project partners of INNERS in particular. Why is that? Take a look at this. We are involved in...
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24 April 2014

“Getting together”

Writing the next blog entry … no topic. But, then I thought that an Interreg project is about getting together. If it’s not for meetings to...
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17 February 2014

“A milestone was reached”

At the Buchenhofen plant in the town of Wuppertal (Germany) Wupperverband operates a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) and a sludge incineration...
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29 April 2013

“Business as usual”

Waterboards are the oldest, still functioning, democratic organizations in the Netherlands with a history of over 750 years. However, also within the...
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