“Directly supplying thermal energy to 100 nearby situated houses”

In the INNERS project, one of the challenges for VLARIO is the realization of the first project of heat-exchanger in a municipal sewer. With the heat from this waste water, VLARIO will tackle a project involving a heat exchanger placed in a local sewer, directly supplying thermal energy to 100 nearby situated houses.

The search for a suitable project was long and difficult, but finally we found this project with the requested parameters nearby the city of Leuven. Faith from and cooperation with the local authority, the owner of the building and other partners were and are needed to come to this beginning stage of the realization of the project.

During our workshop on the 17th of June, everybody is invited to visit this project and to get an update of realizations of the projects from our partners. On the 18th of June, day 2 of the workshop will take place in Lille (FR). Further info is available on www.inners.eu.
Another issue that is investigated by VLARIO is the legal part. The main question to be answered was: are there any regulations, orders or laws dealing with the recovery of heat out of waste water in sewages? The focus was on the installation of equipment, and use and maintenance of the equipment. A very interesting topic with lots of reactions and input from our partners. The results are also available at the workshop on the 17th and 18th of June.

For the next blog I would invite our partner Aquafin.

Best regards,
Wendy Francken, VLARIO