The final event comes closer

Blog UL - gesnedenAfter almost 4 years, the INNERS project is coming to an end. A lot of research was done within the international INNERS team, which consists of experts from 6 countries with different cultural and technical backgrounds, expertise, ideas, requirements and personalities. For all of us, INNERS was a big challenge and great opportunity to develop a research project, but also to develop ourselves professionally, but also individually. Thanks a lot for these possibilities.

Within the Luxembourgish INNERS team, consisting of people from Wastewater Syndicate SIDEN, our friends from Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and our team from University of Luxembourg, a great deal of work was done to develop an Expert system called EOS (Energy Online System) for Energy Management on wastewater treatment plants. In future, EOS will help operators of Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to operate their facilities in the best way regarding procedural but also energetical aspects. We are looking forward to install EOS on many plants in Europe.

Furthermore, a lot of energy (in this case: neither heat nor electrical energy!) was concentrated on a benchmark study on Energy consumption of WWTPs in NWE. Questionnaires were sent to operators to collect a reliable database concerning the energy consumption of plants in North-West Europe. Our investigations reveals among others:

  • An overview of the energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants in Europe based on literature and other open sources and the information provided by the project partners.
  • A comparison of the energy consumption and characteristics of wastewater treatment plants.
  • An inventory report on currently used technologies, processes and methods for reducing energy consumption and optimizing energy production

The results were impressing and sometimes surprising. See for yourself!

Among other results of INNERS, the benchmark study will be presented at the INNERS final event, a roadshow taking place in six different countries.

Date                 Country                          City

17th of April    United Kingdom         Huddersfield

20th of May    The Netherlands         Raalte

2nd of June    Germany                     Wuppertal

3rd of June     Luxembourg                Heiderscheidergrund

9th of June     France                        Lille

11th of June   Belgium                       Leuven

We and the whole INNERS team are looking forward to welcome you at one of those events to share our results and ideas with you.

For the next blog we invite our partner from Kirklees Council!

Best regards from our emergent University in the heart of Europe,

Joachim Hansen and Sebastian Hien, University of Luxembourg