“Getting together”

Writing the next blog entry … no topic. But, then I thought that an Interreg project is about getting together. If it’s not for meetings to discuss progress of the project, it’s about getting data or views together to get the whole picture, etc. Let’s illustrate this through some incomplete examples.

Getting together … last meeting in Lille Mostafa Mohamed (partner Kirklees Council and university of Bradford) asked for a conversion factor between cubic metres of treated water and energy consumed for the development of EBAT. No value was readily available. Later on the meeting, when colleagues were discussing a topic which I knew little of, I started applying some statistics in the program R on some wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)  benchmark data from Work package 3. It soon let to the solution needed for EBAT.

Getting views together … Vlario’s demonstration project is about renewable heat from sewage … especially a topic with several aspects. The previous blog entry already touched the legal aspect. Apparently in some aspects little is legally arranged, while for example health regulations may not be helpful to get on with project implementation. Our temperature measurements around Antwerp illustrated the wide variability in sewage temperatures, which limit locations for sewage heating projects. Our greenhouse gas (GHG) measurements show that because of renewable heat from sewage, a sometimes very important rise in GHG emissions occurs on the waste water treatment plant. Unfortunately, this was until now – as far as I know – always overlooked. If it was not for rising nutrient concentrations in the treatment plants effluent, then renewable heat from sewage could be environmentally unfriendly because of the previously unawareness of rising GHG emissions at the WWTP.  So in other words, because of the cooperational nature of INNERS, it became clear that the image is not as bright as it seemed before (for the Leuven project though, as a result of the local conditions all seems to be well J ).

Getting blog entries together … last paragraph touched renewable heating from sewage. After treatment, renewable heat extraction from effluent could be an equally valuable heating option for you. So expect some news about the Raalte swimming pool project.