“Huge interest in Energy Online System”

In the INNERS project, the task for the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor is the development of the Energy Online System (EOS) for Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP). This system analyses the efficiency of a plant and  recommends measures to reduce the energy use. The INNERS project has progressed remarkably in 2013 with most of the sub-projects showing very exiting progress and the EOS system is amongst those. In 2013 the team managed to introduce almost all the necessary data for two plants, Heiderscheidergrund in Luxembourg and Burg in Germany, into the EOS database.

Furthermore, an update to the system of naming all the parameters, the so called nomenclature, was progressed to such a level that it is now universally usable. This nomenclature will pay off when further plants are introduced to the system. Next, a first reporting format was developed and implemented and subsequently the team managed to produce such a report in an automated way for the Heiderscheidergrund waste water treatment plant. We published the outcome of this achievement and the interesting data that was produced. Together with our partners from the Wupperverband we are currently working on developing new formats for the presentation of the data that we can now present. This development was a surprise, but during 2013 it became clear that now we have new data, we also need new ways of looking at this data. We are currently working at the development of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that the introduction of the data from the Burg waste water treatment plant is now enabling us to calculate. Finally, because of the huge interest in the EOS, we now have a new agreement to introduce two Dutch plants to the system which will demonstrate the potential capabilities of the EOS even further.

For the next blog I invite our partner Wupperverband.

Best regards,
Alex Cornelissen, CRP Henri Tudor