“Installations for heat recovery are done!”


As it is the first blog of the year, we wish you a happy, energetic and sustainable year 2015!

Photo Inners blogAs you already know, in the European Metropole of Lille, the new WWTP Ovilléo includes a gas production unit from sludge with an innovative process of Thermal lysis of sludge (called EXELYS). The heat will be reused with heat exchangers to improve energy efficiency. The final objective is auto sufficiency in thermal energy, by a maximal reuse of energy via different cycles of heat recovery destined to the heating of the premises and to the treatment of the sludge (heating of the digesters). This will be reached with a limited consumption of natural gas: 6% will be external provided and 94% will be biogas produced on-site.

What you don’t know about is that works and installations have progressed very well:

  • the 3 digesters and 2 of the 4 Exelys systems are running
  • One of the 2 driers is now running (the pellet presses are in a running phase)
  • The cogeneration and the exchangers are implemented. The running phase started mid-December after receiving the agreement of the electricity network operator (EDF).

The development phase of the 2 last Exelys systems and of the 2de drying line continue and is connected to another operation (storm tank) which determines full operating installations. First preliminary operating data of INNERS installations will be available during the 1st trimester 2015.

About Ovilleo works in general, they are focused today on the demolition of old buildings and equipment and on site landscaping that will end in summer 2015.

For the next blog we invite our partner Université du Luxembourg!

Best regards,
Amélie Cousin and Nicolas Prud’Homme, European Metropole of Lille