“All over the Netherlands they come over to see this project”

inners-raalte 021 - kopieWe at the city council of Raalte are extremely satisfied with the chance that we have been given by the water board Groot Salland to participate in the research project INNERS. It has given us an opportunity to heat the swimming pool in Raalte in a durable manner with the aid of waste heat from the waste water treatment plant. By doing so Raalte utilizes the social waste heat for a social welfare goal, namely heating the community swimming pool resulting in reduction of costs. This project thereby contributes towards broader durable goals of the city council of Raalte of being a durable organization in 2025.

Diverse city councils, water boards, students and consultancy firms from all over the Netherlands have come over to see how the waste heat from the waste water treatment plant can heat up a swimming pool and conducting studies in several places for possibilities for the same. We are proud of this project and gladly show it to interested parties.

The installation plant is operational for a year now and the initials results are positive. In the year 2014 we have already achieved a reduction of approximately € 16000- in the energy costs. And the year is not yet over! This predicts that we will achieve the calculated € 25,000- energy cost reduction.

We are currently developing a plan for a new community swimming pool. This new swimming pool will also be heated up by means of waste heat making use of the same waste water treatment plant used for the current swimming pool. The basis of this project has been laid in 2010 by myself and Mr. Herman Evenblij from the water board Groot Salland. During a workshop on ‘riothermie’ we spoke to each other and chalked out the initial contours of this project. That’s why I hand over the pen to Mr. Evenblij for the next blog.

Best regards, Jasper Arends, municipality of Raalte