“September: quite a busy period”

September is a strange month for academic researchers. We are normally
travelling to conferences or meeting colleagues and preparing for the new academic year’s teaching – so welcome to Chengdu – a city of approximately 6 million Chinese and a few pandas!
Back to Inners. Even with the travelling we have been pretty busy. In the last few weeks we have been presenting results at the Sewer Processes and Networks conference along with colleagues from Aquafin. The presentations were well received with plenty of questions.
The houses at Dewsbury – the demonstration project with Kirklees – are being occupied and the data collection is moving into a new phase. We have one Masters student finishing in the lab, with a conference abstract being submitted on that work. As a result of the publicity associated with the Inners project we also have a visiting PhD student from the University of Bologna starting with us. At the end of September this student is going to focus on heat transfer modelling. The team is also busy preparing for the work package meeting on the 24th/25th September. So quite a busy period, now back to Chendu!

For the next blog I invite our partner CRP Henri Tudor.

Best regards,
Simon Tait, Kirklees Council and university of Bradford