Final report and final video INNERS project available

Final reportThe work described in the Final report of the INNERS project is the result of the co-creation of the eleven partners from six North West-European countries. In the project INNERS we worked together to improve the effectiveness of energy use within the urban water cycle. The search for renewable energy sources becomes more important as we face different future challenges like diminishing fossil fuel sources, increasing energy prices and stricter carbon emission limits. The INNERS team believed that the source of “blue energy” that is present in the urban water cycle might contribute significantly to addressing these challenges and at the same time to the Europe 2020 carbon reduction targets.
In the Final report you find the strategy and conclusions of the INNERS project.

Final report INNERS (English Version)

Final report INNERS (Deutsche Version)

Final report INNERS (Version Française)

Final report INNERS (Nederlandse versie)

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