Project 10: European Metropole of Lille – New technologies for heat recovery from wastewater

Planning Realisation Monitoring Evaluation
European Metropole of Lille – New technologies for heat recovery from wastewater

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The project of European Metropole of Lille aims at using thermal energy from the sewer system for heating public buildings in the urban area. Part of the project is to find out the most suitable buildings to implement this technology. This project starts with evaluating the carbon footprint and life cycle assessment of the sewer network and mapping the thermal energy potential. Next, various innovative technologies of heat recovery will be investigated and solutions will be compared by using technical, economic and environmental criteria. Furthermore, legal and financial aspects of using heat from sewers will be studied. After a feasibility study heat exchange and heat pump systems will be implemented on a pilot site. The results will be monitored and assessed in order to report on experience and lessons learned, including consequences of this implementation on the sewage network (temperature, maintenance, etc.).


  1. Improving the carbon footprint of the sewer system.
  2. Saving not renewable energy and upgrading a sustainable energy source for mainly public service purposes.
  3. Developing and suggesting a technical/economic model to develop this new system.
  4. Spreading the technology of this new way of producing energy to the Inners target groups and assessing (legal, financial, technical…) barriers to use this energy.
  5. The results will be presented in a methodological guide.


March 2011- December 2013