Project 9: Waterboard Groot Salland – New sanitation concepts in the city of Deventer

Planning Realisation Monitoring Evaluation
Waterboard Groot Salland – New sanitation concepts in the city of Deventer

Recently, the waterboard Groot Salland participated in a feasibility study in which the separate collection and purification of black (wastewater from toilets) and grey water ( household wastewater without toilet flush ) in the city of Deventer (the Netherlands) has been investigated. The study showed that the system to collect and purify waste water streams separately is energy efficient and technically feasible. However, before the system can be implemented several questions still need to be answered.

This project as a part of Inners aims to answer these questions. The project will investigate the potential of producing energy from concentrated waste(water) of households. The use of vacuum toilets for this purpose is expected to have a positive effect on the energy balance of the urban water cycle. Therefore, the role of these so-called new sanitation concepts will be investigated. The project comprises sampling, modeling and experiments with black and grey water at a pilot site. By demonstrating the use for separate waste water collection with new sanitation concepts in the city of Deventer it is expected to increase the support for these innovative concepts.


  1. Insight the composition of black and grey water and in the effects of adding kitchen waste to waste water streams.
  2. An innovative sewage concept for grey water.
  3. Insight in possible legal barriers for implementation and solutions in the Netherlands

The results will be presented in a report.


April 2011 – December 2014