Project 4: Waterboard Vallei & Eem – Heat balance case Amersfoort

Planning Realisation Monitoring Evaluation
Waterboard Vallei & Eem – Heat balance case Amersfoort

Waterboard Vallei & Eem is one of fourteen waterboards that participates in the Dutch Initiative “The Energy Factory”, that aims to realize green energy. realise green energy. This concept will be further developed for the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in Amersfoort. In the coming years many proposed changes will be implemented in this WWTP. Such as the introduction of biological phosphate removal, replacement of the gas engines and the placement of sand filters. The consequences of the implementation of these measures on the heat balance of the WWTP are not known yet.

In INNERS, Waterboard Vallei & Eem will investigate the potential supply and the potential demand of thermal energy on a WWTP, using WWTP Amersfoort as a case. With the outcomes it will be possible to quantitatively estimate the various ways for thermal optimisation of the WWTP.


With the Amersfoort case insight will be gained into the possibilities of using thermal energy of the WWTP for the WWTP itself. Specific results will be:

  1. Developing various energy concepts appropriate for the current and future treatment of waste water.
  2. Insight into the impact of the use of thermal energy on the total amount of energy that can be saved and the possible contribution on (inter)national energy saving programmes.


August 2011 – February 2012.

This project is carried out in strong connection with a project for the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research, STOWA ‘The utilization of heat at Dutch WWTPs’. The Amersfoort project will be introduced as a practical case in the more generic STOWA study.