Project 11: Wupperverband – Implementation of a decentralized heat grid

Planning Realisation Monitoring Evaluation
Wupperverband – Implementation of a decentralized heat grid

Project leaflet

Praesentation 1 (German: Steigerung der Energie-effizienz auf kommunalen Kläranlagen)

Praesentation 2 (German: Die drei Säulen des Energiemanagements beim Wupperverband)

In the future Europe will have to answer questions about its security of energy supplies, and must begin to discuss the impact of energy needs on climate change and energy supply. The transition from current energy practices to the sustainable use of energy is essential. One possibility to reach this is to improve decentralized energy concepts. It is especially important that this generation of Europeans is aware of these problems and possible solutions.

Therefore we communicate our ideas to the students from the Department of Civil Engineering (University of Wuppertal). After two presentations about energy management in a waterboard and effiency measures at WWTP’s the students got the opportunity to see how theory becomes practice at the INNERS demonstration site in Buchenhofen.

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November 2011 – April 2014